Deep is a ring designed for the exhibition “Un gioiello per la vita” (“A jewellery for life”) an art exhibition with the aim of sensitise people on a very crucial topic such as violence against women.
The jewel have created express the desire of revenge, the willing to scream and to let people hear the woman’s voice. The pearl inside represent the woman, her purity and beaty, embraced in alluminium as a symbol of protecion. The wire on the silver represents the issues that a woman has to face during her life.


The simplicity and the purity of silver give birth to unique earrings, rings and bracelets hand-crafted with a contemporary design.
Silver gives everyone the shining touch to enrich your style.


Pure and delicate, the collection Ethereal pearls, express femininity and sensibility.
Like a drop in the water, the pearls sit on silver to enanche its light and glow.


Stones are enchanting minerals with a deep and powerful meaning.
The collection “One stone” is inspired by the beauty and simplicity of the stones that are set in fine silver to create a solid connection between this two materials.


Playing with different materials to create charming necklaces.
Wooden beads, coral, acquamarine, silver, horn, ebony. Different colours to capture different lights with a unique style, these are the necklaces of the collection “Circles”.


This collection has been designed for the Italian fashion designer Carlotta Actis Barone Autumn-Winter 2012/2013 catwalk show, at Vauxhall Fashion Scout in the Royal Freemasons’ Hall during the London Fashion Week in February 2012.
Taking inspiration from the “Holocaust”, this controversial collection aims to commemorate a very difficult moment of the history.
The jewellery designed for the show express the desire of standing out, the willing to scream and to protect the person at the same time.
They are all chunky one-off pieces handmade in silver.