I’ve always been fascinated by the small details which make everyday objects stand out, transfixed by the endless variety of nature. In jewellery, I have found the channel through which I must express this passion with all the flare and fantasy I possess. L’Art Unique is all about the unique style that gives everyone wearing its jewellery a unique touch.

I am Laura, an Italian self taught jewellery designer based in Milan. I create handmade pieces of jewellery crafted in silver, copper, pearls, and precious stones with a unique design. The name L’Art Unique comes from the first three letters of my name, Laura. My main source of inspiration is the nature with all its endless shapes and flavours. L’Art Unique’s jewellery are one-off pieces. By working with each client from the conception stage, L’Art Unique brings to life unique pieces of hand made jewellery which you won’t find anywhere else: unique jewellery for unique people.

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